The minimal warranty is one year, but the warranty may last longer depending on the product. Please refer to the instruction manual of each product to get more details.

The warranty is of one year.

Yes, if the product in question is still under warranty, you may exchange it. All you have to do is contact us and then send us the defective product. We will provide you with a new one.

No need to register your products. You simply need the original receipt of the product for the warranty to be valid. Refer to the instructional manual of each product to know more about their warranty terms and conditions.

Refer to the instructional guide of each product to find out more about its compatibility with a dimmer.

We truly appreciate your love for Artika products and we are honored that you would like to resale our products to spread the love. However, resale of Artika products is strictly prohibited without our authorization. It includes selling our products in your store, selling them online or exporting them to other countries.

The products sold on this website are intended for personal use only, not for resale. Any suspected resale of our products for personal or business profit is strictly prohibited. We will not accept/we reserve the right to cancel orders that appear to be for resale purposes. Any orders found to have characteristics of reselling i.e. large quantities, frequent orders, orders by dealers or resellers or the use of freight forwarding, may be cancelled in the sole discretion of Artika. Artika shall have the right to cancel all subsequent orders from any such customers. Reselling shall be defined as purchasing or intending to purchase any products from Artika for the purpose of engaging in a commercial sale of that same product with a third party.